The Darkness

I tried so hard to put my thoughts into words, my feelings into sentences and my condition into paragraphs but it just doesn’t seem to work out. So here it is, a poem that best describes my condition right now: You would never know it, The constant pain I feel, Because in the light of […]

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A way out of the maze

This one is for those who have no excitement for today, no hope for tomorrow, and no faith for future. Hi guys! How are you? I know. Not a very good question to ask, yeah? Me too. I hate that question. “How are you?” When have we ever had the chance to answer that question […]

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I will be direct today. No fancy, flowery words, just a direct harsh rant. I am in a very bad mood today because of the hypocrites on social media. Context: So you see I was casually just scrolling through Instagram when I come across a post from this Indian meme page. They posted a photo […]

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Emptiness vs. Feeling Empty

A lovely follower of my blog, who goes by the name AgNO3, asked if “Emptiness” and “Feeling Empty” were the same thing? So, this one is for you AgNO3. After overthinking and deleting and rewriting the post 3 times, I think I may have my answer. I hope you’ll like it. Well you see according […]

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“Am I good enough?”

It’s such an overwhelming question, isn’t it? Not to generalize, but most of us have faced this question and reading it here reminds us of a particular person or even a group of people and just brings back the flooding memories of times when we really wondered if we were ever good enough for them? […]

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