Today, I felt very alone. I was surrounded by a lot of people whom I call my friends. I smiled. I laughed. I shared jokes. But there was this one person, whom I felt very far from and it made me feel alone.


What a lonely word, right? Or maybe not.

We’ve all felt alone at times. Sometimes, we are alone physically, when no one is around us, and sometimes, we are alone mentally, when everyone is around us, yet we feel… alone. Sometimes we want to be alone, and sometimes, we have no choice but to be alone.

It’s such a weird feeling, right?

Some people want to be alone while others fear being alone. Some embrace being alone and some, on the other hand, dread being alone. Some may even feel both. They are scared to be alone and constantly surround themselves with people to be not alone, yet mentally they still feel alone.

Do you get it? I don’t.

I don’t get the word alone. I don’t get why there are such different feelings related to alone. I don’t get why even while having fun I felt alone because of one person.

What are your thoughts on the word “alone”?




14 thoughts on “Alone.

  1. Alone has its own beauty. It brings sorrow in the beginning. It might even sometimes tear us apart. We might lose faith in people and on ourselves maybe.
    But in the end the person that emerges from the stage of being alone is a decisive and victorious individual. Someone who can conquer the world. Someone who is infinite times stronger than the stage of being alone. Because being alone teaches who you actually can be and desire to be. And lets you forget who you wanted to become for the people around you.

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  2. I’ve had my fair share of alone time. Sometimes happy, sometimes saddening. The more I found joy in interacting with others, the tougher it became to enjoy being alone as I once did before.


  3. Alone means you wont kill anyone when you swing your sword .
    We get disturbed sometimes. When we are too much conscious about ourselves , we might hurt somebody else unconsciously .
    Being alone is not at all bad, its actually fair. Atleast you are saved from the guilt you’ll feel if you hurt someone you dont wanna.
    So being alone is a good thing in my opinion. Coz if you have many people in your life, you have that many strings pulling you behind.
    So enjoy your own company , be like Mr. Bean xDxD
    -your new fan .


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