Missing are the days when our biggest worry was to miss our favourite cartoon.

Missing are the days when our biggest fear was to be caught for eating the chocolate we weren’t supposed to eat.

Missing are the days our biggest sadness was not getting that one toy we cried for in the mall.

A day came when our biggest worry became our future.

A day came when our biggest fear became our future.

A day came when our biggest sadness became our future.

Missing are the days when present was a gift taken for granted.

Wondering what I  am going on about?

Well, here’s what I am trying to say.. Simple and clear.. We are too involved with the future.

I know you’re thinking that all the examples given above are from when we were kids and now things are different and much more difficult.. How can you even compare the two times?

To answer that, I’d like to clarify that those examples are not just to make this post sound nice.. I feel that those were the only times we ever lived in pure present without even a hunch of what were to happen even a second later. But now, whether it be intentionally or unintentionally, all people can think about is the future. I wouldn’t say I am any different. If anything, I am possibly the most introvert and overthinking person you’ve met. I, too, am involved too much in future and hardly enjoy my present.

So this post is just a reminder.

Do something you love to do.
Be with someone you love to be.

Take out a moment in your life where you are grateful for the present rather than worrying about your future.

Let me know in the comments below what you feel about this.



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Nice Post. . Your words are really inspiring. We actually need to give ourselves this reminder everyday of our life .


    1. Anonymous says:

      Thank you and I am glad you agree.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr. Mel says:

    Well written advice.🙏❤


    1. Anonymous says:

      Thank you so much! I am no great person to be giving advice to others. Just a thought I felt like sharing and a reminder for everyone, including me.


  3. Great Post. A lot of people say that if we work hard and focus on the important things now we will get a better future however, they tend to forget about small breathless moments of joy that takes place in their present. I think everyone is just obsessed with the idea of having a better then they tend to forget to be grateful for the moment that they live in. I believe balance is the key ❤.


    1. Anonymous says:

      Exactly! That obsession of having a better future is certainly taking away the happiness one should be enjoying today, right now! We must learn to balance, and that would be the only way to remain happy and content.

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  4. AgNO3 says:

    Now no moon, no silence , nothing is there to justify the overwhelming feeling i got.
    So it IS your magic. That’s proven xD
    being a child …is such a fortunate thing. We never realize and we make a mistake. We grow up .
    Okay there are some nice things in growing up too , like driving, having other fun stuff.
    But i preferred my childhood better. I miss the fact that even a corner of an empty room looked so interesting.
    Its kinda common that when we hit teenage, the competition is forced upon us .
    ” bhaago, nahi to kuchle jaoge ”
    My dad always says.
    And i spent nearly all my teenage in running the race i dont wanna win.
    Who’s there to blame if i lost ? me of course.
    Whoever reading this , if you wanna be overwhelmed again , listen to “never grow up” by taylor swift.
    P.s. I dont listen to her songs ok? stop laughing xD


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