I want to runaway.

Far from anyone’s expectations. Far from anyone’s call for help. Far from anyone’s taunts.

I just want to go somewhere where there are no worries. Where there’s no need for money to be happy. Where there’s no room for sadness.

I just want to go somewhere where my mind is not filled with how I performed on a test or what someone’s thinking of me, instead just the peaceful thoughts occupying each nook and corner of my mind.

I just want to go somewhere where I don’t have to consider putting other’s happiness over mine and can just be selfish. Do everything I want to do. Be someone I want to be.

But every time I lose myself in this fantasy world of mine, it’s not very late before I am reminded of the world I live in right now. I am reminded of the reality right in front of me.

I am reminded of the expectations, the calls for help, the taunts and I am back to where I started. Where I wish all of this would just disappear or just let me disappear. Just let me runaway one day…


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  1. This is so deep & relatable to me. Great one 🙌


    1. Anonymous says:

      Is it? Thank you so much!

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      1. Yess !! You are welcome 😃


  2. That’s Deep I remember I used to put others need before mine and I got tangled in this endless loop. It’s okay to be selfish its not a sin if you focus on yourself first and get to where you want to be you’ll be able to help others. You don’t have to help anyone unless you truly want to remember that.


    1. Anonymous says:

      I guess you are right. But there are some relationships that just demand so much from you, you forget to live for yourself.

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  3. Payal Dutta says:

    That last line was like a journey itself 💖

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  4. Sana says:

    Don’t we all wish to be able to runaway? Loved this

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  5. AgNO3 says:

    If you ever overhear me talking to someone , you are bound to hear this line almost at the end of every line !!!>.<
    Bcoz it's such an easy choice !!. To just run away like that.
    When we used to break stuff in childhood , that was the first think we did , and the urge to do exactly that is still on.
    Well i can deeply relate. Taunts ….they are the worse worse worse.
    They really move my structure and leave me dangling. It's like … very hard to express .
    Everytime my family starts …talking shit ( sorry bout the language) …all i can think about it to run away. But all i do is to cry in the bathroom.
    And then i get normal and everything is fine again.
    I wonder what would happen if i DO run away .
    Will things be better ?


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